Life & Mobility are renowned throughout Europe for the exclusivity of its scooters and the passion with which they are built. Life&Mobility scooters are built to be driven with uncompromising luxury and enviable performance. Immediately recognisable and desired. The most prestigious driver’s scooter in the world. Life & Mobility is a creative, innovative manufacturer of mobility scooters, we can offer the individual user the very best solution, a solution which improves the quality of his or her life. A Life & Mobility scooter is the ultimate reward, a feeling of prestige, an ownership experience without compare. Each Life & Mobility scooter is meticulously crafted, modern technology and craftsmanship intertwined like nowhere else. We can offer unique custom tailoring to seamlessly harmonise with the personal needs of individual owners. There are no compromises. The distinct dynamic character and impeccable style, makes driving truly pleasurable. The definitive Life & Mobility experience. Enjoy the journey.

Unique spring system